wiser too

So much has happened in the last year, in the last few months, and I've hardly had a moment to sit back and realize it till now. I turned 24 last week, and for the first time I actually feel wiser. I think wisdom comes from experiences and circumstances that are out of your control. If I chose my trials they wouldn't teach me a thing. But a lot has happened in a year and it's required that I grow up. I had no say in the matter. I'll always remember my 23rd birthday, and the day after that changed my life. I won't get into the whats and whys cause frankly, there aren't important for anyone but me. But my life changed. And I'm really proud to be at 24 in a mostly solid piece, and wiser, nonetheless.

amongst other big things that aren't so cryptic from my 23rd year:
-had my final show
-got a new job
-finished 4 months of student teaching (and graduated college!)
-grew my hair out a mile long
-chopped my hair
-watched all of breaking bad

*photo from my NY trip last november, thought it fitting since I'm headed there tomorrow for the holidays!


  1. I watched all of breaking bad in my 23rd year too. We have so much in common.

    1. !!! Yes. If we lived closer we'd watch all of the Netflix together.