class of 2013

I did it!
sort of... I walked at graduation. It was kind of like celebrating a half birthday though, since I still have a semester of student teaching before that hard earned diploma lands in my hands.   But I'm glad I walked. The symbolism and the celebration and the blue robes and my brown tassel (seriously, brown for a BFA? I would have preferred a corally pink or sunshiney yellow, which is what I used for my invitations: much more me). My mom even made a pie, which means it was a serious party ;) I had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants with my in-laws and finished the night with baskin robbins.
It was a good day :)


  1. You pattern mix like a wizard.

    Also, I sort of wished I would have walked. :(

  2. It was an epic day. Monumental, even. And a fine pie! You walked the walk, baby girl!

  3. yay, BFA! Congratulations! Good luck with student teaching!

  4. we walked in april before we graduate in august. it was nice to feel like i had accomplished it.
    and congrats on your bfa you are amazing!


  5. Congratulations! You worked very hard, and deserve all of the pie and delicious dinners the world can offer. Because you offer it a lot.

  6. I want to take your picture real bad.