Last year we went all out for anniversary and visited San Francisco. This year, we opted for a picnic in the canyon. Brandon taught me how to "play catch" (turns out I'm not too bad!) and I shoved my face full of yummy Station 22 grub. I'm so darn proud of us for making it to year four! year three proved to be our hardest, and we are only slightly shocked how much more we loved eachother at the end of it ;) the trials we've faced emotionally, physically, and spiritually this last year may not all be over, they might not have made us all that stronger yet, but they sure have made us more sappy and love sick, and weirder (can I get an "amen" from any married folk?!). So we think we'll give loveyear four a go ;) p.s. I FINALLY finished our wedding diary series! I cheated and past-posted them,  find it all here


  1. I love this post. You two are adorable & I love these pictures so much.

  2. this is so cute. love the pictures.

  3. i came across your blog tonight & simply love & adore it. so happy i found it!


  4. Amen, most definitely.

    You two suit each other so well.