Wedding Diary :: Part III

:: The Wedding Party ::

Brando dressed the men in dapper tuxes and bowties. My mom found the most amazing silk floral dresses for my bridesmaids on Sundance Catelogue for less than $20 each (I loved them so much, I got one for myself!) We shortened them to the knee, and I used the remnant fabric to make headbands and little bows for their shoes. My mom's lovely dress was from Dillards (on sale, of course) and she did a few minor alterations to make it just right. And all flowers were by my talented friend, Angie Miller.

:: Things I want to remember ::

Kaitlyn, my maid of honor and best friend since pre-school, "babysitting" me while I recovered from surgery so my mom could run wedding errands. I don't remember much during those drugged-up days but I do remember watching "Notting Hill" and "The Holiday" while she helped me finish my bridesmaid headbands. And she only sort of laughed at me when I said silly drug-induced things ;) She wrote me the sweetest letter to read while in the temple, it's something I'll treasure for ever.

Carmen, my little sis, and I hadn't spent much time together prior to the wedding. That distance bothered me so much, as I'm sure it did her. Although she wasn't in the Temple Sealing, I felt so close to her, and I wanted to hug her more than anyone when I walked out the temple doors. Somehow, getting married brought me closer to everyone I love.


  1. oh what a perfect day. Everyone looked great! And you are sooooo skinny!!!

  2. Gorgeous! I love the bridesmaid's dresses!

  3. i still can't get over how pretty your wedding dress is.

    xo. m.

  4. perfect. you are so pretty.
    i love those dresses.


  5. can i please just be as beautiful and talented as you are? goodness gracious, lady. you've got some good genes going on, there.

  6. I die at your wedding pictures! Seriously so gorgeous!

    Also, I chose you for the "You Should Know" link-up that's been going around! Check it out at www.onthereals.com!