Facts & Confessions

I don't cook.
like. ever.
but last night I whipped up some maple hazelnut brussel sprouts (without a recipe mind you) and it was probably the first thing i've ever made that I thought tasted amazing.

my favorite TV show is The Wonder Years.

we talked baby names on the second date.
I determined we were "just friends" on the second date.
he kissed me on the second date.
in. that. order.

I think I'm pretty good at handling emotions.
I know sadness, happiness, excitement, stress.
But I'm the worst when it comes to anger. I just don't know what to do with it. And when I'm truly angry, it's debilitating.

the quickest way to bring out angry claire is to treat my friends and family rudely.
it's like mother bear in my or something.
you break my friends heart and I will cut to the core of your worst qualities in an terrifyingly eloquent way.
I've made friend's ex-boyfriends cry.
the truth is that it feels soooo good as it's happening and as soon as I take a breath, I feel completely horrible. like I said, I'm not good with anger.

I'm a baseball fan. It happened over night. It was a decision really. I've got a hat and everything
"go cards!"

I've been wondering more and more lately what I should be doing with my life. Obviously I'm a student still and need to continue to be a student and finish what I started. But sometimes I'm afraid I'm walking in a certain direction because at one point it was the right thing to do, and because I can't think of an alternative with as much confidence, I just keep walking.

should I teach?
should I art?
should I work?
should I mother?

I have test anxiety.
it's the pits.

Brandon, my husband, walked out of the ACT after completing only the english section and filling in C's for the rest. And he probably got a better score than you.  cause he's just annoying like that.

our little vacation last weekend turned into a stay-cation instead. it was fine. But I'm really itching for warmth and sunshine. I fired winter but it didn't listen.

and now you  know.

*art by Caitlyn Foster


  1. I felt like I wrote this blog post because everything you said is me to a T... even the sarcasm. Besides the husband thing.. because I don't have one.

  2. I hope I never make you really angry.

    xo mom

  3. we have very similar anger problems. I feel and do the same thing.

  4. the wonder years! i am so glad i'm not the only one who loves that show!

  5. I graduated two years ago and still feel an almost debilitating anxiety when it comes to deciding what my future will look like, as if my future will look like one certain thing. I haven't been satisfied in myself or in my work circumstances since graduating. Life is hard. Take advantage of the comfort and freedom of school while you can. - Leah, leahwise.com/wisestyle.wordpress.com