first things first

As I was kicking myself for still not having our Christmas cards out on the 28th (yes I'm a photographer and it's impossible to take my own family's photos) and still finishing all the boy's gifts (late) and panicking about a million other things that "needed" to get done, Brandon held me by the shoulders and the look in his eyes seemed to say it all.

The truth is, like anyone else, we weren't perfect this last year.  I think dissatisfaction in life comes when we forget what our priorities are.  My motto for this new year is first things first.  The above is a recap of our last year, the top 12 shining moments.  They made the top twelve for a reason, we were surrounding ourselves with good people and good ideas (and good laughs in-between).  Life is never "perfect", but we have the choice in every moment to decide what's important.  I don't expect 2013 to be any easier, in fact, if I could look ahead I'd say we're in for some of the biggest changes in our life thus far.  But my hope is to be stronger this year, to take each experience and properly place it, and to always remember what is most important..

God. Love. People. Growth.

hey, 2013, bring it!


  1. you look gorgeous claire!
    good things are always nice.
    and no one is perfect.
    i love these photos.
    i hope you guys have a great year this year!
    and congrats on your bfa show, that is awesome!


  2. Such a lovely couple.

    If you ever feel inclined (and actually have time) to write about your decision to become a teacher, I'd be interested to read!

    Happy New Year.

  3. I love everything about this post! Especially you two kids! YES, tell the whole teaching decision realization!

  4. lovely dress and beautiful blog!
    Bella xx

  5. I LOVE your blog. You and your husband are so good looking and adorable together! XO