merry merry

First of all, a HUGE thanks for all the support last friday for our first ever Renegade Brigade (more on that later) and the sweet birthday wishes :)  My birthDAY is turning into birthMONTH.  and hey, who's gonna complain about that?  I had birthday lunch with besties today, Brandon and I are going on a birthday date tonight, I'm having dinner with another friend this weekend, and a family get together next week.  birthmonth.  it's the new thing.

Anyway, I couple matters of business.  First of all, the world is likely to end this Friday, so you should get your betsy bows while you can ;) And in support of the holiday spirit and feeling extra merry this wednesday, I'm offering 15% off all orders placed before december 20th.  But it should really probably say by December 20th (meaning you can still order on the 20th).  That way I can get orders shipped on the 21st and at your homes by the 23rd!  They seriously make the perfect little gifts (think stocking stuffers) and I wore one as a bowtie on my shirt today.  So, it's like a twoferone, which is awesome.
get your betsy bows here

Also, I have a lot of changes happening to the shop come 2013 (that is, if the world doesn't really end on friday) including betsy bows in 15 new colors, bigger bows, and finally that geode jewelry I keep gossiping about (It really exists, I swear).  So lets cross our fingers that the Mayans were wrong.

and....I finally have an about page.  I doesn't really say anything about me, but ya know, it's whatever.
check it out ------->

And hey, how about 399 followers!  I look at that and have to laugh out loud....I don't know what's keeping y'all around but I'm glad you are here :)

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