what I did today:

-slept in for the first time this holiday break!
-woke up to brandon saying "your gonna be late for work" followed by "take these" (my dreaded vitamins. bleh)
-went to work & dressed a bazillion naked mannequins
-bought myself some uber cute jeans from Gap (I plea "back to school" as my excuse)
-picked up another shift and dressed even more naked mannequins (your welcome, mall)
-came home and broke a new years resolution by eating half a jar of nutella
-thought about running
-ate more nutella instead
-caught up on emails (one of my least favorite things to do)
-exchanged a handshake with my poor sick husband before he left to work a graveyard shift.
-said a little thankyou prayer for the worlds best husband
-played minesweeper on my phone
-stalked everyone's instagram
-completely changed my school schedule {it's a day-before-the-first-day-of-school tradition}
-planned my outfit for tomorrow
and then had a little ol' chat with myself about my life. which, as mundane and unexciting as it is, I happen to love.