Christmas 2011

B and I have worked too much to consider this past week a break (he worked Christmas eve & Christmas day, hospitals don't close on holidays.....) But we did get to spend some quality time with family, which is what it's all about anyway right? Because our parents both live 15 minutes away (and 6 houses apart) we usually spend the holidays hopping back and forth. The highlights?

-seeing the Muppets Movie, even though it wasn't as funny as hoped for
-watching my cousins put on their famous nativity scene
-cobwebbing for presents with the in-laws
-christmas pj's!
-last minute gift wrapping
-sleeping on the comfiest mattress christmas eve
-applesauce puffs christmas morning
-watching dad-in-law laugh so hard he cried
-exchanging gifts with siblings
-receiving Sundance film festival tickets -thanks Dane & Brit!
-dad pretending to be scrooge (and doing a poor job)
-listening to grandma's childhood stories
-mom's christmas dinner
-playing cards & eating too much pie

B and I are saving, so we had a small christmas. for him: soap making classes. for me: new (old) cameras to add to my collection. after exchanging gifts we smiled that smile that says "you know me too well".

how was your christmas? What was your favorite gift, or better yet, what was your favorite gift to give?


  1. I can totally relate to hospitals not closing on the holidays. I work at a hospice and we never close ever either! xo, rv


  2. okay i have a confession. i've seen you twice in my life and both times i have been too scared to say hello. first time was at Savers sometime in January, and the second time was at the mall last week.

    in case you saw me awkwardly make eye contact with you, I was the blonde one with black and white wing tip shoes.

    happy christmas :)

    Leann Elizabeth


  3. @Rae such a bummer! But it makes me so grateful to those who make that sacrifice! Someone has to do it!

    @Leanne silly! Next time flag me down! We could totally be besties, you shop at savers!? That's all I needed to know ;)

  4. Is that bacon in the first picture? Mmmmm. Bacon.