My extended family participated, for the third year in a row mind you, in the Red Rock Relay this last weekend. It's 187 miles of running bliss (or in my case...blisters....) You have a team of 12 runners who run 3 legs each and it lasts 2 days. It starts at Brian Head ski resort in southern Utah and ends in Zions national park. Needless to say it's GORGEOUS. It's also long, tiring, exhausting, painful, and exhilirating. I didn't train for this race. I repeat I DID NOT TRAIN FOR THIS RACE! at least not to the extent I should have. Which means my body is barely functional right now. It might be a few days till I get back into the swing of things on this here blog....or life for that matter....

photo of my soul-cousin, Janet, and I before we got all sweat and stinky. Don't worry, more sweaty photos from the race and other news coming soon! oh...and that darn giveaway that keeps slipping through the cracks....


  1. You girls look so much alike! I hope you had a wonderful time! XO, Rae


  2. Just ran across your blog. I LOVE JANET! I was so happy to see you together in a picture!