not here

this weekend is my Thorley Family reunion. It's something I look forward to every summer. We go to the ranch, ride ATVs, play cards, hike, don't shower, sit around the fire and sing songs, and most importantly get in some good cousinly bonding. But I wont be there this weekend for a number of reasons, all of which bite. I'm trying not to be too bummed about it but I miss my family. I miss the mountains. I miss driving through the third gate and kissing my cell phone service goodbye. If I ever needed a vacation: IT WOULD BE NOW. But such is grown-up life right? we make decisions and they come with sacrifices.

I'm trying to keep busy so I don't get bummed thinking about the fun I'm certainly missing by treating myself to mini vacations all day. So far I had a nice morning walk, brunch to celebrate kara's belated birthday, and a trip down memory lane of past reunions via photographs. Tonight, B.I.L. David comes over (which promises to be a riot). Tomorrow, we go to the temple and hang out sissy (who is in the same boat: school instead of reunion) and end the night with Tanner and Brighton. Maybe I can squeeze a picnic in there somewhere too. And every moment in between the mini vacations? STUDY STUDY STUDY.


  1. claire! sorry we didn't hang out with you guys today - we are "vacationing" of our own sort and tanner's parents due to the ROOFERS who probably aren't so loud so often as they are for us second-floor residents. we'll be at church tomorrow though!

  2. by the way, tanner capua = brighton

  3. we must play soon. and the roofers?! love hate relationship. I love that they get me out of bed on time. I hate that they wake me up. bleh. summer is almost over. lets soak it up, and quick!