last night I finished my last final for summer semester!
the feeling is better than a birthday. seriously! It's like I'm a new person today. I probably slept all night with a smile on my face and I haven't been able to wipe it off since. It's funny how one big thing can make the rest of your life seem so...out of control. Now that school isn't on my mind, I just feel plain happy.

I have two official weeks of summer before the school routine starts up again (18 credits....eeek!) and you better believe I'm cramming in all the good stuff: picnics, parties (finally decently celebrating the Misters big day), swimming, a mini girls trip to Vegas, family, friends, hiking, camping, a wedding, photoshoots, sewing projects....... I might even get a tan! And I'll likely be throwing some pretty swell GIVEAWAYS into the mix so stay tuned!

heck, I'm feeling spontaneous.
lets have a giveaway RIGHT NOW!

here my very most recent litho print!

it's a limited edition print and that makes it extra cool right? right.

this pretty little thing would look lovely hanging in any YOUR home.
you want it?
comment on your absolute favorite thing about summer
*must be a follower

and I'll randomly pick a winner next Tuesday, the 16th.

wow......this blog gets a whole lot more fun when I'm not in school :)

*lighting/coloring is slightly off. thats what you get with a spontaneous giveaway though....


  1. CLAIRE!! This print is amazing, but as asked....my favorite thing about this summer has been going home to visit my family and three best friends! A break that I seriously needed!! (P.S I love you and hope to see you around campus this next semester)!

  2. My favorite thing about summer is no school and spending time with people I love like family and friends. :) I'm sad summer's almost over (though I am excited to start school again too haha)!

  3. I LOVE IT!

    My favorite thing about summer is the mood everyone gets set into. That anything can happen, the nights are long, and love is in the air. I love the tan skin, dirty feet, sun dresses, no make up and the glow.

  4. My favorite thing about summer is how the days are longer. Love that sun, love that time!

  5. what do i love most about summer?
    i love the late night drives with no worry of being tired in the morning.
    i love the earthy smell of summer skin. the feel of the sun on the side of my face.
    i love the promise of a rainstorm when the air is hot and the sky is gray. the rays of sun as they pierce through the dark clouds, bringing warmth and happiness with them.
    i love picnics in the park with a special boy. the sense that time stands still in this lovely summer world. that it's just the two of us and not one soul more.
    i love the sun in my eyes as it peaks over the mountain, blinding me with its beauty. the smell of freshly cut grass and the sound of laughter.
    i love the freedom that comes with the months of may through august. the spontaneity and hasty decisions.
    i love summer because it brings me back to my childhood. i am five years old again. i am wild. i am tireless. summer is never-ending. the nights are hot and the stars are bright. the world is green and light and giving.
    summer is a time of enchantment. a time where possibilities lay before you with nothing blocking your way.
    why do i love summer?
    because it is beautiful and powerful and real.
    it is not just a name assigned to a particular time of year. it is more than that. it is an old friend, enveloping you in her arms, warming your soul, lending you bliss.

  6. Oh boy would I love to win that print! My favorite thing about summer is the freedom. I love the freedom I have to be lazy or to be ambition. The freedom to travel the world or to explore my own backyard. I love reading a novel on the grass with the sun warming me. I love playing any and all pick up sports with ward friends. I love how happy my friends and family members are during summer. I love seeing their joy as they enjoy their favorite things.

  7. My absolute favorite thing about sumer is sitting on my roof, during a warm night, eating a popsicle, watching the stars come out to twinkle at me. Whether by myself or with another, this never fails to make me ridiculously happy.

  8. The best thing about summer is that I get to see my kids more. Even now that they are all grown and out of the nest! Come visit, baby girl!

  9. My favorite thing about summer is night swimming under the light of the moon and stars! Btw, I just finished my summer semester too, great feeling!

  10. Wow Claire. How are you so talented? My roommates and I are in want of a lovely print for our new apartment this fall, and this would be perfect!

    My favorite part of summer is trying new snow cone flavors and enjoying them on a swing in the playground, watching little ones crawl around and play. Sometimes I want to join in, but that might frighten their poor mothers.

  11. Hi Clair! I hope everything is going well with you! I miss the downeast days :( Well I am just in love with that print, so... my favorite thing about summer is all the extra vitamin D we get to soak up. I love being able to sit outside and feel that lovely heat all while getting a nice tan

  12. Definitely having hamburgers and having picnics in the backyard. Last night my family did that, then went mini golfing, then saw Cars 2! Cute show. Summer family outings are the best!

  13. Oh I just love it!

    My favorite thing about summer is the carefree feeling. All structure goes out the window and lazy days creep in, whether or not we can afford to take them. :)

  14. I can so relate with finishing school - I finished uni last year and th feeling of pure bliss was amazing. Nothing can phase you :)

    NOW ... myyy favourite thing about Summer would have to be the gorgeous care free spirit of everyone that comes with it. Balmy nights and cold wine and sun on your skin seems to make everyone so much more relaxed and happy :)

    Anna xo


  15. Well, Claire, Summer is lovely.

    Wanna know why?


    That's all.

  16. My favorite thing about summer is that I get to take time off from work and go see my husband once a month who is currently away on training for the military :) (ps... if I don't win... can you just make me one that I can buy from you? Maybe an audrey hepburn/marilyn monroe one?)

  17. i quite love this print. i'm impressed :)

    my favorite thing about summer is the anticipation of all the fun events that the warmer weather allows. that hopeful feeling and giddyness is unmatched.