cantaloupe smiles

I love mornings when neither husband nor I have something pressing to rush off to.
mornings where we share a cantaloupe in bed and browse netflix for a new documentary.
yes, I live for these mornings, even if the slowness only lasts a moment.

In a few hours life will get really fast.
I will have work, photo shoots, and then the dreaded finals to prepare for.
Finals usually turn me into an ugly person. So I will be taking a short blogging break until life gives me another slow moment. my computer needs a break too. he's on the brink of his life I fear. which means he's contemplating ruining mine. yuck.

wishing you a happy weekend!


p.s. B didn't even do his hair this morning. what the heck.


  1. Thank goodness for weekends, yes? I love making smileys with fruit- like orange slices, per se? Please tell me you've done that before, too :)

  2. His face... is the same in every picture.

  3. I like how he looks exactly the same. Just you change. What classes are you taking this semester?