it must be prom season

my B.I.L. (brother in law), Taylor, had his senior prom last night. I took some photos of his group before they were off to a night of good food, dancing, and maybe a little romance :) Oh how I wish I had had an older sister who was willing to take all my dance photos! Those school ones are so tacky and extremely overpriced and always end up in a dusty box under the bed. If you have found yourself in the same situation and have a dance coming up, give me a ring-a-ling! I'd LOVE to take your groups photos! And I'll garentee you'll enjoy it, just take a look at some of my favorites from last night: don't they look so happy?!

the two below are of my BIL and his gorgeous date, Sunshine.

doesn't her name suit her wonderfully!? Just look at that beaming smile!


also, I don't claim the title "florist", though I have been making corsages and boutonnieres for school dances for over 6 years. I made Sunshine's corsage this time around, and was in love with the result! I used vintage lace, feathers, and a handmade chiffon rose-bud, to give it a little something extra, and to tie into the neat detailing on her dress (that her dad did! wow!)

okay sure, so basically I'm like a super senior who is in love with everything Prom. need photos? I can help. Want untraditional corsages and boutonnieres? I'm your girl. And.... I just might maybe be in the process of working out a dress rental business deal-e-o.....

maybe I love Prom or maybe I just love sticking it to the expensive-overpriced-dance-business-MAN by offering these inexpensive alternatives that won't burn holes in your tuxedo pockets :)


p.s. I'm serious about taking your dance photos and making your corsages/boutonnieres.


  1. ohhh if only i were still in high school. i would have hired you in a flash. i really do hate those over priced group pictures that never turn out good. the photos you took were amazing!

  2. LOVE the bout you made! Super chic. Dear Claire, I would not be opposed to you helping me out with weddings I have, if you'd be willing...
    I'd even pay you!

  3. is that all the pictures?

  4. dear anonymous: nope! not even close. each couple had around 6 "couple" photos and then there were around 25 group/candid shots. In total, there were 70 images i edited and gave out to the group. I chose to feature only a select few here on the ol' blog.