love and marriage

true, baby is not going to be part of the equation for some time. But heck! We've only been married 9 months! That's barely enough time to pop one out?! I'm sure that to many people in the world, mentioning baby in the first couple years of marriage is absurd! But in good ol' happy-ville, which is where I live btw, the process to parenthood is about as quick as the diddy it'self:

first comes love,
then comes marriage,
THEN comes baby in a baby carriage.
and another one
and another one
and another one

without getting into the ins and outs: it's just not our time yet :) and although the mere sight of baby booties excites me, I'm happy that our time right now is for
just us.

we've still got a lot of growing up to do...
kids shouldn't raise kids, ya know?

But I do have some REAL exciting news!

I know it's a little be-lated....
okay...it's WAY be-lated
But I, Claire White, am finally going to

i know...epic right?

the dress
the temple
the place
the food
the guests
the itty-bitty details
the groom!
{my favorite part}

I know my wedding is old news and all...
but this is a journal.
and I wouldn't be doing it justice if I completely skipped over the most important day of my life right? right!

so will this bore you?
please say no.

cause this blog is turning 100%
wedding friendly
for the next week :)

and just to whet your whistle:
isn't he dreamy?

xoxo-the bride
(yes, I am going to claim that title again, just for the week :)

p.s. photo and all upcoming wedding photos are by the amazingly talented Elise Lauren who I really can't brag enough about. She was THE BEST wedding photographer hands down! She's like a mind reader, only better. She was everything I hoped for and more! She even brought me refreshing drinks during the reception and was the only one who could successfully fix my stubborn hair. She is so passionate about her work and it shows in every photo she takes. Have you ever seen a good family photo at the temple? I mean one that does more than just make sure everyone's face is visible? I hadn't until I saw her stuff. She makes candid look like fine art. Oh I can hardly wait for you to see all the amazing photos she took! In the meantime, check out her blog and website . And if you are getting married I highly recommend Elise as your photographer! You will be nothing less than thrilled with the results! And book your wedding quick! I know she's already doing weddings left and right this summer...