whistle while you work

I am very grateful to have the jobs that I do.

I work as the visual specialist at Banana Republic and am on call at Downeast Outfitters. I also {as you all know} do photography on the side.

Being a full-time student and a full time wife (haha sounds funny) and working can be a little {or A LOT} stressful at times. and it gets me thinking all selfish-like.

Luckily the companies I work for are amazing with their involvement in the community. There is ALWAYS an opportunity for service through my jobs. And there is no better cure to selfish ailments than service :)

In the past month I've had opportunities to:

Help build houses with Habitat for Humanity with my Banana crew!

Have a halloween party with the Make a Wish Foundation kids via Banana!

{sadly I only got two pics since we were so busy :( }

& paint faces at the BYU games with my Downeast posse!

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