As of late

as of late I've been a pretty "blah" blogger.

but I might have a semi-excusable excuse....

ya see, on friday night I wasn't feeling so swell. which led B and I leaving our pumpkin carving party early (thanks millers!). The next morning I felt the stone. Yes the very same stone that has been poking around this blog in complaints for the past few months. But this time it was a different sort of pain, it's like I just knew deep down inside that it was going to pass! Well that night (after a day of sleeping in till 3: the glory of pain killers) I DID pass it. And oh what a glorious (kinda painful) moment it was! B and I were at my parents when it happened and we had our friends, the Sorensens, with us too. It was like a big celebration since everyone there had seen me struggle with this thing and have played in active role in helping me feel better :)

It felt like I passed a huge milestone in my life!
heheh I think I'm punny

oh and the stone! let me describe it for you (I'd show a pic except thats a little weird + it's at the docs so they can analyze it?) Basically it was really really small. Like you'd probably see it and think i'm some wimp for bawling about it so much. But i tell ya, that little thing drove me nuts! It kinda looked like a crystal. Like it was sort of sparkly. weird.

So saturday night i'm shouting hallelujahs to the heavens.

and then the very next day i had stomach flu.
slept on the bathroom floor.
worst i've ever had.

And my sweet husband took such good care of me (LOVE HIM)
but the poor boy caught my bug the next day.
only a mutated version of it that has now lasted 3 days.
and I haven't taken good care of him.
(school ruins my life sometimes).

so basically my "bleh" blogging is only reflecting my "bleh" life right now.

maybe I'll post some art later....

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  1. Claire, it was so good to see you today! I hope you're done with those kidney stones for good girl! love you!