lucky the ladybug

I have NEVER been more depressed about school in my life.
let me explain:

Guido (thanks angie) has been dormant the past 2 days.
Dormant meaning no pain what-so-ever. (happy me & happy happy husband)
However, I've kept up the diet of monkey and moose bars and my tummy has found other excuses to moan. Not to mention that I had two amazing dinners and two amazing deserts tonight. Mom and Roma fed the hubs and me silly. I could probably pass as three months prego.

I'll spare you the pics.

My mom reminded me of my age old remedy to tummy aches: Lucky.
Lucky is my giant sized ladybug beanie babie (remember the craze? I also had her in normal size and McDonald's happy meal size...) she was my go-to stuffed animal as a little girl. I'd rest her on my tummy and her lucky powers would heal me.

I've pulled her out from under my bed in my old room. She'll be sleeping with me and the hubs incase I have another kidney stone scare. (oh how I hope that doesn't happen).

When I had the first scare, two weeks before my wedding mind you, I thought there couldn't possibly be a more inconvenient time to be bed ridden. I mean...I had a wedding to plan for crying out loud!

well folks, I was wrong. THE ABSOLUTE WORST TIME TO HAVE A KIDNEY STONE is when you are a college student. Missing a day of classes in college (when you are serious about your grades/applying for a program/really really need to impress your teachers) is about the worst thing you can do. Missing a total of 5 days of classes is suicidal. Especially when after you explain your health situation to your teacher and she has no sympathy and gives you a C on your art assignment that took you hours and hours to complete. which, for the record, was a pretty swell piece (i'll share it later).

Basically I'm so far behind in school that I'm scared to go to classes tomorrow. My work load to catch up is so big I don't even know where to start. I've been slugging all day at my parents house. Complaining. I'm depressed. But more like just having a huge pity party. Luckily my family is nice and they pity me. and they told me I better not complain on my blog, cause people hate reading about other people who complain. amen.

that all being said I've decided in order to get caught up in school (sigh) I must give up blogging for a week. Not only will I not post but I wont blog stalk either (which is going to be really really hard, since stalking you all is one of my favorite past times.) But in order to keep you all very entertained (ha) my Mother, Sister, and Husband have all agreed to guest blog. I won't be screening anything they say nor will I read it until this blogging fast is over (next sunday) so who knows what revealing things they might share with you all.

so stay tuned!

and since I already broke two of my blogging rules
1. don't write long boring posts
2. don't complain

the least I can do is follow this one:
3. always ALWAYS post a photo

just chillin with the cattle. no biggie.

P.S. I'm considering doing a side bar of lingo translations so things like Hank, Guido, B, the Cupboard might make a little more sense.

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  1. 1. I am SO sorry that you are under so much stress!
    2. I have been and will be praying for you all week.
    3. Please ask your dad to blog. That would make my life.