The Hubs and I are house sitting my Parents house for the weekend (see, I told you we were going pro!). Once again the assignment is fairly easy:

bring in the mail
turn on/out the lights
lock doors
feed fish


this one might be a problem on account of Brandon's and my gold fish dying just days ago. My mother and I were at Walmart, grocery shopping and looking at yarn (for fun projects to come) when we decided we wanted to buy some fish. 2 each. So we picked out the cutest pot-belly gold fish we could find. She named hers "Boys" and "Girls". We named ours "Jesse James" and "Robert Ford". Sadly our ours fit their names all too well and one killed the other while fixing a picture frame (one would only understand this if they knew the history of these two, read about it here). And then the other fish died for reasons unknown. probably old age. Turns out one of my mother's fish died before we even got to the house. So we only have one left and we are trying our hardest to keep him/her alive (how can you tell with goldfish?).

Anyway, to the giveaway!

To randomly pick who'd win the bouquet of newly sharpened pencils we had everyone's name (twice/3 times if you had more entries) and held them high above the fish bowl. Who's ever name landed in the fish bowl would be the winner!!

Congrats Jesslyn Ann! email me @ cathorley.gmail.com your mailing address so I can send you the bouquet of newly sharpened pencils (and then some...)!

And have a lovely Saturday!



P.S. I'm thinking giveaways are THE BEST. And so there will be more! The next one may involve hank and myself....
P.P.S. hank is my camera :)

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  1. This is fantastic. Ever since I first saw You've Got Mail, I've been yearning to get a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils.