sometimes i look back at the silly things i post about or the way i talk/type and it gives me a good laugh. It's funny how blogging captures such a small aspect of me: mainly only the fluff, and yet i'm so hooked. I wonder if it's just an innate desire to preserve something. To try and make tangible something so ornate and untamed as life. For me, moments are more than fleeting. They almost disappear as quickly as they come, sometimes I they pass by without a thought on my part. I'm afraid that at times i'm so caught up in life that i forget to really live it.

That's why I got myself a Brandon.
He remembers the moments.
he makes them linger longer.
He makes them.

I guess I'd hope that people would know, blogging isn't a part of me. It's just something I do, second, thirdly, lastly to being me. I'm not "Claire, the blogger". I'm just Claire. Like "Sarah Plain and Tall". But you are only getting a bit of me. The bit that dares to be blogged and/or the bit that can actually be somewhat captured in words. The other bits of me are probably as intricate and fleeting as the moments that so easily pass me by. They can't be defined.

just thoughts.
{or rambles...}

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  1. i love this. i often feel that way. and so i realized my posts end up being the more happier or positive parts of my life {most of the time}, and even then being able to have the right words to portray the moments are difficult, but i love the challenge as well trying to capture that moment of feeling i had, so it won't slip away forever.

    thanks claire, your so beautiful inside and out