Hello cyberspace,

It’s been a while. I’ve missed you. sorta. But I’ve realized something:

you are not a necessity.

So when I get yet another job (is this a symptom of suicide?), fit just about EVERY graduating senior into my schedule for a shoot, prepare engagement photo outfits (which yes, takes A LOT of thought), prep for the TWO weddings I’m shooting next week, finalize invitations, prepare for my massive yard sale this Saturday, write thank you cards to my friends from the shower (that took place over a month ago....I promise they are coming soon!!), edit, edit, edit, re-issue my passport (who knew my 11 year old photo wouldn’t validate me anymore?), search high and low for my birth certificate, re-order a birth certificate, measure dresses, make bridesmaid hair pieces, kiss Brandon’s face off, edit, iron handkerchiefs, drop the ball on everyone, apologize to everyone, miss my two best friends so bad it hurts, paint a miles worth of baseboards, try and learn about grown-up life (help!), prepare for the temple, run-to-and-fro, adjust my attitude and body to “the pill” (I’m seeing some pros…..LOTS of cons.), make list after list and sticky note after sticky note, stamp a never ending pile of envelopes, reschedule way too many shoots because of this darn weather, develop bad habits like staying up in the wee hours of the morning watching whatever is on TV just so I can have a moment of zero brain activity....

When all these things are going on....YOU, cyberspace, are the last thing on my mind.

I think I might be able to catch my breath tomorrow and make a way past due tribute to my mother.

For now, a shout out:


and a photo

that is in no way related to this post

or anything for that matter

and that look on my face...

isn't real.

meaning I wasn't really going to bite someone's head off when it was taken.

at least not that I remember...

(frighting isn't it?!)


  1. if you're open afternoons, I'd love to help you paint baseboards. :) It's been far too long since I last saw you and we could just...chat!

  2. It looks like a female Clark Kent with a peg leg.