oh yeah, thanks

So big news:
I'm done with finals!
Which means I can cross one
(of what will be many years)
of higher education off my list.

in the process of finals, moving out, and everything else I'm afraid I've become something I despise:

A careless person.

My mother raised me on good manners and I'm afraid I haven't put them to use lately.

I'm way past due on thankyous (why is that not a real word?) but here's a shot:

to mom

thanks for everything. and i mean it! thanks for putting up with 50% lately. now that school is out I promise i'll be 100% there for all this wedding hooplah. Oh yeah...and thanks for helping clean my apartment! I never knew it looked like that...

to pops,

thanks for bringing your manly self and manly truck to move out all my junk

to sissy

thanks for putting up with my mess lately. I promise i'll move down in the basement soon so you can have your bathroom back

to family

sorry for the mess.
thanks for dealing with it.

to clients

thanks for being patient with me! i adore your photos and i know your time is valuable.

to teachers (whom will NEVER see this)

thanks for not failing me. thanks for not being too offended when i snoozed off in class...

to roommates

i'm going to miss your guts. have fun traveling the world! thanks for putting up with all the dirty dishes. i never did break that habit...

to my dear sweet Brandon

thanks for loving me. You make it seem so easy but i know it's got to be difficult at times. Thanks for being patient with me through my mood swings, PMS, stress, worries, temper...everything. Sometimes i think you are silly for loving me as much as you do...but i better stop saying that or you just might believe it too! fools in love is what we are.

*sorry these are all cheap blog letters...i gotta save postage for wedding stuff....bleh...it shouldn't cost that much to send happy things...
*no photos = no fun. my bad

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  1. My Claire, I love you. Sometimes I think YOU'RE crazy for loving ME.
    You are WONDERFUL to me. How could I ever not love you?!