This is what Claire gets for keeping her blog open for the world to see.

Much like Brandon did, I am now going to blogarize Claire's blog.
I am Claire's sister.
I don't write poetry.
I write stories, and that would be impractical to do considering Claire could walk down in the office any second.
It's actually kind of scary.
Claire does my hair for Prom.
And she puts up with me ranting about good things and bad things.
And she wears cute clothes and is really super skinny and beautiful.
Just ask Brandon, he'll tell you.
Claire is getting married and I'll miss her.
As much as I say I prefer having the bathroom to myself,
I would share it if it means Claire could live here FOREVER.
Hahaha she really is moving back though until she gets married
and I have been doing much rejoicing.
I guess I'll close with...
Claire is the best sister anyone could ever ask for.
She is inspiring, aspiring, and... perspiring?
No, not that last one.
Really, all joking aside, I love her as much as I possibly can everyday
and I hope she knows it.
p.s. she just walked past! scary!


  1. What a sweet entry. I think sweetness must run in this family. After meeting Claire, and after meeting Claire's mom.. I'm pretty convinced that's the case. :)

  2. hahah carmie poo! how are you so sneaky!!?!? i just now noticed this!!


    i love you!

  3. I love my baby girls. I am going to be one lonely mommy pretty soon.