sneak peek:

the ring:

I haven't taken the time to take/load pics yet. {proper ones that is}. But here's some little teasers till I come down from cloud nine and take betters ones. And tell you about this ring of mine! {cause it's not just any old ring....}

Well actually it is just that....
{but more on that later}

these pictures are brought to you by "photo booth".
{photo booth: what you use when you don't have time and patience. Also, what you use when you'd rather not have your "pizza face" be caught by the quality of your camera. Unfortunately this results in not only your face blurred, but your ring as well.}

bwaahahah I'm so giddy!


  1. Congrats! We're so happy for you guys...I was just about to post a comment on your last post about needing to see a ring! Enjoy engagement while you can...

  2. yay!! i wanna see it up close but it looks so pretty!!

  3. bwahhahhh - so am I!!!!

    And, I'm so glad you changed into a skirt!

    You know, after I got engaged I sort of got into this groove where everyone was wantint to see my ring to it just seemed so natural to lift my left hand to show it to everyone. Well one day shortly after getting engaged, we ran into some old Simi friends and Rod introduced me and without thinking I didn't just put my hand out to shake, I lifted my hand to show my ring - habit, you know. They got this goofy look on their face and then recovered because they were happy for us but let me tell you how awkward it was - even after all these 19 plus years I am still embarrassed! Still. Even Rod still laughs about it and teases me a bit because, I am telling you, it was AWKWARD!!!! How silly of me to assume that lifting my hand for all to delight in the glory of my sparkler was not socially correct.....

    And, I can't wait to hear your ring's past. I love it when there is a past. If rings could talk.... boy, that would make for some clever writing to, you know, tell it's story from it's perspective. I think you should do that will all your spare time. Make sure you are specific on the details. It would not be right to leave any out!

    Love you, deary. Love you lots!

  4. very pretty! can't wait to see it in person!

  5. LOVE IT! GORGEOUS! Happy for you!