the beginning

I'm so grateful for my friend Kara, for taking these pictures way back when.
Way back when it all began.
She must have thought I'd appreciate them later.
She was right :)

When these were taken {a mere 1 1/2 weeks into dating} we had no idea we'd be where we are at now. But still, if you look really closely, I think you can see it in our eyes. We were in love. Even then. Long before either of us admitted out loud.

What is love? How do you know? You just know when you are in it. And it's the most comfortable "at home" feeling in the world. I have no other way putting it. With him, i'm home.

I love our story. I've kept a secret blog of all the sweet things he says and the experiences we've had together. He doesn't even know what's on it really. I just don't want to forget these times. I've even set it up so I can text to my blog! B is always saying the sweetest things, and when he's not looking I sneak a text to my blog so that I wont forget it. I don't have a great memory. everything comes back in bits and pieces. So for me, blogging has been my diary. Thanks to all you readers! friends, families, and strangers! It's been fun to share a bit of the most special part of my life with you. And don't be shy when you stop by! Comment! let me know where you are from! I'm so grateful for all the blogging friends i've made. :) especially you married ones! {B and I need married friends}. As far as my secret blog. well, i suppose it's not secret anymore. But I will keep it private. What I DO need to do is share a little more of our story! How we met, "firsts", when we "knew", etc. etc.

Can you believe I marry this boy in 99 days?! 99 days! 99 days and I get a new name. a new part of me. a new life! all in just 99 days...

golly that's amazing!


  1. I laughed when I read that you guys need married friends. That's exactly what me and David always say- like, as soon as you're married, all of your friends fall off the face of the earth.

  2. can we be some of your married friends! I vote a very loud YES!!

  3. bahahahaha i did it so sneakily!