Rosemary is in my BYU ward. She is such a sweetheart. The other day she mentioned she was applying for a Broadcast Journalism program. She also mentioned she wasn't sure what kinda of picture to submit. Here's where I embarrassingly had to admit to my eavesdropping (she hadn't been talking to me) but I did it for a good cause:

1. I'm a true believer that pictures say a whole lot about a person. If you want to be taken seriously and proffessionally, you should have a picture that emulates just that.

2. I'm not a professional...yet...but sometimes I can fake it. Nevertheless, i'm always jumping at any opportunity to practice and improve.

3. I really just wanted to become better friends with her and this was my secret way of doing it.

{tee hee he, sneaky me!}

it worked.
we are totally friends now.
and i consider myself ever so lucky.

I mean look at her right?

We had such a fun shoot. We got down to business at the very start, got some great professional "application worthy" pics. Which left us with lots of time to have some fun/artsy shoots.

I think she'd make the cutest news anchor!
{I'd totally watch the news if she were the one sharing it.}

Dear Rosie,

I really had such a fun time snapping shots and getting to know you better! you are such a pretty girl (both inside and out). Best of luck on your application! I think the world of you.


lets cross our fingers for her shall we?!



  1. you are an angel... nuff said.
    except that we need to play sometime in your busy life.
    the end.

  2. She is strikingly beautiful! She looks European! Good job baby girl, and good luck Rose! I would watch you!

    Mommy of Claire

  3. great pics clarice! and rose i'm very jealous of your hair. :) good luck!
    -sister of claire