Racker Kids

These beauties are the Racker kids!
so so busy but I can't stop looking at them and had to share!!

*more to come
i promise


  1. Claire, I have loved checking your blog and seeing the new pictures you have taken. You have some amazing talent.

    So do you only take pictures of beautiful people? Because, somehow you always manage to capture the best of everyone in your pictures. Everyone always looks so amazing and it makes me want to have you take a picture of me so I can look amazing too. I love it.

  2. golly jenny! thanks!
    it's true, i only take pictures of pretty people.

    but here's the rest of the truth: i kinda maybe (hopefully not creepily) think everyone is pretty. I know it sounds cheesy, but thats how i feel. i'll find myself staring at complete strangers and just admiring their features, unique and specialized, which to me, makes them beautiful. and i think to myself "oh if i only had Henry here with me, and more guts, i march over to them a demand a picture!"