My family lives in Orem.
I live in Provo.
Thats a 15 min drive.
12 if I drive fast.
and yet i miss them so dearly.
i can't go even 6 hours without talking to my mom.  we send each other little "sweet nothings" to get through the day.

from: mommy
I love you so much.  You are strong, capable, smart and wise...i wanna be you when i grow up! xo mother superior (from the sound of music!)

from: me
i love you to the moon.

what would i do without this wonderful lady as my mother?

isn't she beautiful?


  1. Oh how I love your mother and wish I could be just like her on the inside and out!

  2. I love your mother :) Thank goodness she introduced us! I miss her too though. I haven't seen her since July 4th? Maybe. And yes, she is beautiful. You are one lucky girl :)